(NaturalNews) Water piping, sanitary surfaces and now some clothing material are benefiting from the health-protective benefits of copper (Cu). A novel textile product known as Qoperfina®, which contains a proprietary blend of organic fiber and natural therapeutic copper.

A novel textile product known as Qoperfina®, which contains a proprietary blend of organic fiber and natural therapeutic copper, can not only help protect you against harmful pathogens, according to its manufacturer, but also guard against the damaging effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).
Dating back to the times of ancient Egypt, copper has been used in medicine for a variety of purposes such as sterilizing wounds, healing burns, calming tremors and sanitizing surgical utensils. Everything from crude copper splinters and shavings to micronized copper salts and oxides have been utilized throughout history in disease treatment and health promotion.

Sadly, Western medicine has yet to realize and accept the full potential of therapeutic copper and all it has to offer humanity. But companies like Peru Naturtex, which produces more than 425 different eco-textile products, is leading the way in bringing copper back to the forefront of natural medicine by incorporating it into advanced textile materials.

«Antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties in copper complexes, recognized since ancient times and have recently been confirmed by modern science,» explains the company. «Since the early 1950’s, [sic] modern research has clearly demonstrated the health benefits of cu properties. Our research establishes that when woven into a fabric and worn next to the skin, amino acid copper complexes are absorbed into the body.»

Copper-blended fabric destroys harmful pathogens, protects against disease spread.

A durable blend of the finest combed organic cotton and/or alpaca with pure and natural Angelina copper staple fiber, Qoperfina® yarn is soft, durable, and health-promoting. This high-performance yarn can easily be incorporated into various knit and woven applications, including apparel, intimate wear, home textiles and furnishings, bed and bath products, socks and underwear, and much more.

Because of copper’s unique antimicrobial properties, its use in clothing represents a major breakthrough in modern sanitation. The Israeli company Cupron Inc., which claims to be the first textile manufacturer to ever produce fibers «impregnated» with copper oxide, says copper-embedded clothing can help prevent the spread of fungal conditions such as athlete’s foot.

«Basically what I do is play golf, take off the socks, roll ‘em up, put them in my shoes and I’ve been doing it for two and [a] half years now,» stated Jeffrey Gabbay to The Associated Press back in 2006 about the technology, which has allowed him to reuse the same pair of socks for more than two years without washing them.
«I’m not trying to encourage unhygienic habits, I do it simply because I want to see how far we can go.»
Copper-mesh textiles act as shield against health-destroying EMFs

Qoperfina® yarn appears to be even more versatile than this in that it acts as a type of shield around the body, protecting against electromagnetic interference from electrical devices such as mobile phones, computers, «smart» electric meters, compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs), wireless routers, radio antennas, microwaves and more.

All this electromagnetic pollution has been well documented in the scientific literature to alter hormonal expression, disrupt sleeping patterns, and even lead to long-term and potentially life-threatening conditions like cardiovascular disease and cancer. Similar shielding technologies have already been developed as protective coverings for smart meters, blocking EMFs from pulsating throughout one’s house.

«When this fiber is placed in contact with the skin[,] amino acids and other chelating agents in the stratum corneum form Cu complexes by ligand exchange and these complexes are absorbed through the skin, producing many useful pharmacological effects as a result,» adds Naturtex. «These include, but are not limited to, relief from rheumatism, arthritis and stress.»

«Copper containing fibers can protect the human body from harmful electromagnetic frequencies and facilitate the recovery from harmful electromagnetic radiation.»


Qoperfina® Copper textiles are suitable for applications requiring high temperature and solvent resistance and technically intelligent textile applications.

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