Discover an anthropologist's mission to restore dignity and a degree of self sufficiency to Peru's extraordinary textile history, where the finest cottons were first created over 6 millennia ago.

Last November I was with my mother at the Naturtex showroom, where we had the pleasure of meeting James and talking about the wonders of Peruvian cotton. I am very interested in showing the great work and contribution they make to the field and also validating the quality of the fabrics with which I work. I am very happy with the product.

Fernanda Hernandez, Piel Nativa, Chile

It is really very exciting to see your style of work and your true concern to support your collaborators to move forward.

Macarena Vizcarra, The Endery, United States

I feel so proud to have Qoperfina in my collection! Thank you James!

Bav Tailor, Bav Tailor, Italy

The cotton has been absolutely lovely to work with!

Alison Durning, Girl on the Moon, Canada

I love what you are doing – thank you so much for taking the time to share your story. It is a true privilege to have you as a part of the CO community.

Tamsin Lejeune, Common Objective, England